Benefits of


Highly engaging, interactive and accessible

Our digital content is tailor-made and can be animated, voiced and translated into local languages. This makes the product easier to use and therefore accessible to a wide audience, including learners who lack reading skills or cannot speak English. Above all, our content has been proven to enable users to achieve better learning outcomes.

Informed improvements

The learning management system allows trainers and course leaders to gather data to assess the progress of learners, identify areas where support is needed and give targeted advice and assistance.

Data also gives Mwabu the ability to evaluate user uptake and experience of the e-learning content, meaning we can make informed improvements to our courses.

Measurable outcomes

Data also enables reporting for all levels of stakeholders, from facilitators to donors. Access to detailed data on the measurable learning outcomes resulting from the programme ensures the ability to measure the impact of learning at all stages.

Easy to update

Content can be quickly and easily updated via Wi-Fi without incurring printing costs. This enables us to update courses to ensure content is current and standardised, or to add supplementary materials after deployment. For example, healthcare courses could be updated to meet new World Health Organization guidelines.

Workers spend more time helping

Digital courses enable workers to spend more time in their communities delivering vital services, as learning can take place anywhere and at any time.

Cost efficient

Classroom-based training and train-the-trainer models often encounter challenges related to staff attrition and high training costs. By contrast, e-learning programmes are scalable, cost effective and make it easy for new staff to self-learn.