Conservation awareness

Conservation training for children using


Using digital learning to reach young people with important messages about their environment 

The challenge: 

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) has an Environmental Education Programme (EEP) aimed at getting future generations to take interest in and care about their surrounding wildlife and natural resources. CLZ partnered with Mwabu in order to engage students in different and more technologically advanced methods.

Our solution:

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) have worked with Mwabu to create digital content for their Environmental Education Programme (EEP), providing information on wildlife protection and sustainability. Through Mwabu’s interactive modules, CLZ found that the children were very focused, enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot!

Their programme annually reaches over 3,500 school children from 65 schools, and the digital modules are now used at every school visit. CLZ is also aiming to provide student and teacher tablets to all conservation clubs in the schools that are involved in their programme.


Taking it further

A new digital course to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst teenagers has been created by Mwabu and Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ). Launched in February 2019, the course is already in use during outreach activities and is receiving excellent feedback!

The new e-learning module helps learners to understand what HIV/AIDS is, identify the behaviours that might lead to HIV/AIDS and feel empowered to make informed and healthy lifestyle choices. Mwabu’s expertise in developing bespoke content has been utilised together with CLZ’s educational materials to deliver an engaging learning experience. The course includes interactive navigation and questions to actively involve learners and reinforce their knowledge at every stage.

Students that have been exposed to the new module have really engaged with learning about the risk behaviours associated with HIV/AIDS. Being able to differentiate between low and high risk is proving to be effective in changing attitudes and behaviours.
— Besa Kaoma, EEP Manager, CLZ