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Financial literacy

A blended learning programme for young women, in their local language


Mwabu is partnering with Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ) and Impact Network to empower young women with vital financial literacy training.

The challenge:

The main objective of this project is to deliver financial education to vulnerable girls and women in remote areas, in order to increase their financial inclusion and income opportunities. Traditional teaching methods are not reaching the target group because the young women are out of school. Many existing financial education resources are not relevant, appropriate or accessible for learners in the target region. The challenges include making sure content is relevant, appropriate and impactful for the target groups, as well as being cost effective and sustainable.

Our solution:

Mwabu has partnered with FSDZ and Impact Network to develop a financial education curriculum for both school learners and young women in Zambia. The project, which is well underway, involves creating a blended learning and certification programme that combines face-to-face and digital education. During the initial pilot, it became clear that resources in English are inaccessible to many of the target group, so all the materials have been translated and voiced in Nyanja, the local language.

Financial education is important to women and girls of Katete because it will help them become confident and make good financial decisions.
— Project facilitator

The project initially aims to reach communities in Eastern Province in Katete District and is to be implemented by Impact Network to reach over 15,000 learners. Mwabu’s digital content will be delivered by locally trained facilitators using tablets and projectors, to out-of-school vulnerable girls and women via a local netball project. In addition, the project will be delivered to female and male learners from grades 5 to 12 in local primary and secondary schools. The project will then be further extended within the country.