Bespoke e-learning design: Content development workshops

Collaborating with partners and subject matter experts to develop a new e-learning course for medical professionals

This week members of our team have travelled to meet our partners at Jhpiego Zambia, along with subject matter experts, to workshop content for a new course being developed on voluntary male medical circumcision (VMMC). 


The team are working hard to review and refine the e-learning content so that it can be made ready to be developed into the final product. They are also developing knowledge checks and pre/post testing to be built in to the solution, as well as discussing how best to integrate practicum results into the learning management system (LMS).


The workshop has been a great success, with good dialogue between the teams enabling steady progress through the modules to be reviewed. Many of the subject matter experts are writing e-learning courses for the first time and are finding it interesting to go through the process of thinking about how to communicate with the learner remotely. 


The purpose of the VMMC course is to enable medical professionals to encourage adolescent boys and men to undergo male circumcision as part of comprehensive HIV prevention. The course covers all aspects of male circumcision including details about counselling, preparation, methods, procedure and follow-up care.


Training for VMMC currently has its challenges. It is time-consuming, costly and can be difficult to organise. The e-learning course will ensure that engaging and accurate content can distributed easily. Time and money will be saved and vitally, more people will have access to the course.

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Mwabu Team