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Content Development 

Working hand in hand with our partners, we create impactful and interactive e-learning content using industry standard authoring tools and learning management systems.

· Engaging content with voicing, illustration and animation

· Content is always contextually relevant for African learners

· Co-created with subject matter experts

· Interactive navigation to actively involve learners

· Questions to reinforce knowledge at every stage

· Translation of text and audio, in locally appropriate voicing

· Supporting course completion with incentives, motivation and rewards



Custom Learning Management Systems

We are able to set up a standard Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) installation and administer the LMS. This includes but is not limited to: setting up courses and modules, adding required content, adding users and accessing various reports. We can also provide training for customers on how to use the basic functionality of the LMS and continue administration of their site long term. In addition we engage Moodle partners on behalf of customers when customisation of a Moodle LMS is required. As part of our LMS services, we guide the customer on the most appropriate option for hosting of their Moodle site and set up the hosting with the relevant third party.

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Our digital learning content can be delivered in both online and offline environments, on any device, anywhere, at any time. We are experienced at implementing complex education technology projects in even the most inaccessible parts of the continent, and we work with our clients to identify and deliver the solutions most effective for their projects. Examples include;

· Content displayed via one tablet and a projector to whole classrooms

· Content accessed by mobile phone at the learner’s convenience

· Offline solution with periodic upload to microserver to collect data

· Online learning accessed via existing devices

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Project Management

We offer a full-service provision throughout the e-learning programme: training, implementation, change management and technical support.

· Management assistance during pilot programmes and final release

· Training and engagement with users

· Mentoring and observation support for trainers

· Help managing the transition to digital e-learning content

· Assistance to maximise user enrolment and course completion

· Ongoing project and technical support services to ensure benefits are sustainable


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Monitoring and Evaluation

In order to measure the impact of learning, data is continually collected and evaluated. We can:

· Measure the impact of content on programme objectives

· Report on how content is used

· Quantify improvements

· Highlight user knowledge gaps

· Facilitate content improvement