We would like to thank everyone who participated in the development of these modules. It was a great opportunity to work with your team and we gained a lot of knowledge and skills in developing electronic modules. This is a great milestone for us, and we are looking forward to implementing this programme.
— Caren Chizuni, Chief Safe Motherhood Officer, Ministry of Health Zambia
Students that have been exposed to the new module have really engaged with learning about the risk behaviours associated with HIV/AIDS. Being able to differentiate between low and high risk is proving to be effective in changing attitudes and behaviours.
— Besa Kaoma, Conservation Lower Zambezi
Young women who took part in the financial literacy training remembered a lot of the things they had covered on the course. Some of the women shared what they learnt with other community members because they felt that their friends would also benefit.
— Chitalu Kaite, Director of Programs, Impact Network
Our collaboration with the team was very fruitful because they really put a lot of effort into understanding our organization and its interests. In the schools we evaluated, we saw evidence that the e-comic and lesson content on the tablets resulted in improved knowledge of water and water-wise behaviour issues.
— Adjoa, The German Federal Institute for Geosciences
Mwabu have been great to work with! They take our educational formats and make them into a creative, fun and engaging activity. We think that our conservation app will be the most innovative tool seen in environmental education in Zambia so far!
— Sarah, Game Rangers International